Monday, August 1, 2016


How often in our adult lives do we get to revert to our childhood selves and truly feel the freedom that comes with that?

As an unmarried 24 year old with no children and no significant bills I may have it easier than some in this area, but most of the time I do need to be an adult.

Over this past weekend I was in one of my favorite places, my grandparents house. When I think of my childhood this is the place I associate with it. I feel like they raised me and influenced who I've become just as much as my parents and I've become a better adult because of them.

That being said, they've also allowed me to be a child amidst my adult responsibilities.

Saturday afternoon in +33c weather I sat in the backyard with my Grampa. I've spent so much of my life out there and I love that space dearly. I turned on the sprinklers just because and started to walk around the grass, avoiding being hit by more than a few drops at a time. After a minute, fully clothed and make-up on, I allowed the water to hit me a little more but still avoided getting my face or hair wet.

And then it happened, my childhood came back to me. No one cares if wear make-up, the soggy curls cascading down my shoulders suit me well and my clothes will dry so why shouldn't I run? I did. I ran and kicked and cartwheeled my way through the water. I squealed and laughed.

Grampa laughed too. He never questioned why I would do this, he never judged or scolded. As he has my whole life, he smile and laughed and watched me enjoy myself.

In the end I came out dripping from head to toe, blades of grass all over me and dirty feet. I hope these moments will continue to present themselves to me. I'd like to have wet hair and muddy feet more often.


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