Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Second Trimester

In my last update we were still waiting to see our Midwife after going to our first (and probably only) ultrasound. We have been to see her twice since then and everything is looking great.

The ultrasound came back looking really good, no abnormalities, everything is developing well and my size is pretty much right on. The tech gave a due date that is 5 days earlier than what we originally said, but since due dates don’t mean much to me, I’m still just saying mid-June to mid-July. 

We also got back blood test results from ages ago when we tested my thyroid and iron. Both were not doing great pre-pregnancy but I am very pleased to see that they are near perfect now. I was originally told that pregnancy would likely make my thyroid worse, so I’m extra pleased to see that isn’t currently the case.

My belly has measured perfectly at all appointments so far and baby has continued to have a “female” heart rate, always in the high 140’s to 150’s.

A lot of people ask me if I have a “feeling” whether it is a boy or girl and I can honestly say I have no idea at all. I just assume that anyone who thinks they KNOW what they’re having is just projecting what they want to have or basing off of wives tales and/or previous pregnancies. I am fairly certain that I am having a human baby, but that’s all I know.

As of March 5th, 22 weeks + 5 days, I am able to feel movement even when I am standing or moving, that gives me a good sense of baby’s growth and increasing strength.

Speaking of size and strength, I had wanted to be more active all along and finally joined a pre/post-natal gym that I found not far from where we live. I’ve been going 3 days per week ever since I joined and I really love it. The first class absolutely killed me, I was so sore the next day that I could barely walk and it actually made me nauseous, but I’ve been slightly less red and sweaty each class since then (hoping that means I’m getting stronger and more fit!) The aim of the classes, I do aerobics and yoga, are not to lose weight or change my physique, but to remain as strong as possible throughout my pregnancy. Any time an exercise feels particularly difficult or long the instructors always remind us that we can do anything for 1 minute and that includes eventual contractions. Little encouragements like that really go a long way to remind me of what I really can do, mentally and physically.

Despite my activity level I am certainly starting to feel bigger and heavier, as I should be. My belly gets in the way of more and more small tasks like tying my shoes, getting in and out of the car, picking things up off the floor and washing dishes ( I can’t stand as close to the counter/sink as I would prefer.) By the end of the second trimester I’m up 10 pounds but still able to wear most of my normal clothes. 10 pounds gained puts me right on track for what I hope to gain overall, about 25 pounds. Some people seem concerned that I am working to stay within a certain weight gain, but when you consider that I was technically overweight to begin with and that there are potential health risks for babies if Mom gains too much, my midwife and I are both happy with how I’m gaining. That being said, if anything changes and I’m told I need to gain more, I will obviously do that. I can honestly say though, I did have a small fit of sobbing around 26 weeks when I decided that I didn’t like the scale anymore. Ryan promptly reminded me that I’m pregnant, I told him that doesn’t mean I have to like it and then I got on with life and all has been fine since. What can I say; sometimes the hormones get the better of me.

The only new symptoms that have come up in the second trimester are occasional acid burning my throat (fingers crossed for a full head of red hair!!) I am feeling much warmer overall and having a harder time cooling down and I have a rather sore tailbone on some days. Unfortunately, because I sit in an office all day my tailbone is harder to deal with, but my boss let me order a ball chair so hopefully that helps.

My other comfort purchase was a Boppy pillow and I can confidently say, it has been the best thing, ever. I was literally dreaming about this pillow in my first trimester, before I knew it was real and having it has been amazing. The little wedge fits just perfectly under my belly when I lay on my side, almost completely removing the weight and keeping me from feeling pulled or stretched. I also use it under my hip so I can lay on my back without feeling guilty (apparently pregnant women shouldn’t sleep on their backs,) this was actually the reason I wanted it. And its final beautiful perk is that if I get it wedged just right under my boob/rib/armpit, I can sleep in my pre-pregnancy side/belly positon! Highly recommend to all.

My final thought of the second trimester is this: I thought pregnancy would be different.

In almost every way, I thought it would be different than it has been. Media really makes pregnancy and childbirth look so different than they are. I expected to be much bigger, thought I would have been much sicker and always sore, thought I would forget what pre-pregnant life felt like, I thought I would have a deeper connection with baby and I expected myself to be perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not complaining, I have absolutely loved being pregnant, it just isn’t what I thought.

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