Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunflower Fields Forever

I get ideas and inspiration from many places in my life, especially for places I want to travel. The first ideas, and subsequent obsession, of visiting Hawaii came from hearing about my Grandparents visits and from watching Lilo & Stitch. The first time I visited was to Oahu and that was because my friends were already going and invited me along. This time I wanted to visited a different island, have direct flights if possible and get there for cheap. Maui was the winner.

When it comes to what I want to do once I arrive somewhere I almost always go to Pinterest for information and inspiration. This time however I happened to be scrolling through Instagram and found a picture of a massive field of sunflowers, I had to go. The photo was geotagged “Maui” so I didn’t know where exactly on the island I would find it. Many other photos of the field were tagged in different spots as well so I pushed the idea of visiting out of my head.

Once we arrived I happened to hear two girls discussing it and it sparked my interest again. I googled it and found that the field is located "between 2 highways" not far from where we were staying, one of which we would be driving on the next day.

And there it was, the bright yellow field and all the cars stopped on the side of the road were all the signs I needed. We pulled over, ran across the highway and frolicked in the rows of flowers with everyone else.

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